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June 21, 2011

If you are in your field strictly for the paycheck (e.g.,
chasing the dollar, title, prestige, power, etc.) and do not have a genuine
passion for what you do, there is a strong likelihood you will never obtain and
meet your expectations.  If you do not
have a genuine interest for your profession it is also likely will never be the
best in your field.  The person sitting next
to you who is passionate about their work and is driven by a personal interest
in his/her respective field will progress much, much more quickly and
eventually will obtain the big dollars you are seeking.  Money is nothing more than a bi-product of
being talented in one’s profession (obviously, it has to be a field that
rewards for excellence).

Candidates need to take an inventory of their personal goals
before searching for their next professional challenge.   If one’s
personal goals do not align with one’s professional goals, one will never find
true fulfillment and will never achieve their wanted earning potential in that
respective field.

I am a professional job and placement coach, not a personal
or life coach, but I have struggled down both paths myself a few times.  Fortunately, I was lucky to be surrounded by
my industries most successful and talented that encouraged me to launch my own


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